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Are these all handmade flowers?

Yes, each flower is carefully handcrafted to perfection

How much in advance do I need to place an order?

If it is a simple arrangement/few sticks of flowers, you need to order 3 days in advance. And if it's anything complex or a big arrangement, 10-15 days would be required, as all are made fresh as per the order.

Do you have ready flowers in stock?

We mostly have loose sticks in stock for regular flowers like roses, carnations and lilies, but we don't keep ready arrangements. We make them when required.

What kind of products do you do?

Every product we do is flower based - individual sticks of a huge variety of flowers, any kind of arrangement required (hand bunch, bouquet, customized, etc), tray decorations… We also customize flowers as per requirement - in terms of the colours and purpose.

How long do the flowers last?

These flowers will last you for a lifetime!

How do I maintain them?

You just need to dust them off from time to time to keep them clean. Use a dry brush or a hair dryer to brush/blow off the dust. Do NOT use water.

What material are they made of?

Currently we're focusing on paper flowers, and slowly we'll be adding ribbon. We will keep you posted every time we add something new!

Do you deliver outside of Calcutta?

Yes, we've started taking orders all India now. Outside Calcutta orders are only for sticks of flowers though. Sending arrangements through courier will be risky!

Where all do you deliver?

We can send the flowers anywhere outside Calcutta. Within Calcutta, we prefer you have it collected.

How long would you take to deliver?

That depends on the kind of order you give. If outside Calcutta, then the number of days required to make the product + 3 days for courier delivery

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